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Carsel & Ayves provides a variety of consulting services to attorneys, jails, prisons, government agencies and insurance carriers. We specialize in training for jails, prisons, and probation agencies on preventing in-custody suicides both in adult and juvenile facilities.


We provide expert witness services and consult on cases related to jail and prison
litigation. Subject matter expertise includes:

  • Jail and prison management
  • Inmate custody and management practices
  • Correctional policies and procedures
  • Inmate classification
  • In-custody death incidents
  • In-custody suicides
  • Use of force incidents
  • Excessive force
  • Inmate transportation
  • Emergency response in jails and prisons
  • Prison and jail riots
  • Prison gangs and gang management
  • Electronic monitoring and home arrest
  • Administrative after-action review
  • In-custody death investigation
  • Operational security procedures
  • Staff training (Click here for more info)
  • Restrictive housing/Administrative segregation
  • Inmate unit management
  • Negligence in hiring and retention in correctional facilities
  • Correctional staff discipline
  • Staff investigations
  • Correctional medical care and privatized medical services
  • PREA related issues
  • RLUIPA and religious rights of prisoners

If you have significant experience in the field of corrections and probation and would like to work as a consultant or trainer, we would like to hear from you.
Please contact us here.

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  • “My firm retained Lenard on a jail death case. He is very knowledgeable on the topic of jail suicides and provided an expert report which considered all the facts and gave us a perspective that can only be given by someone who has excellent subject matter expertise.”
  • “We have asked Mr. Vare to provide Rule 26 reports on a number of deaths in custody cases. We have been very pleased with his work and the quality of his reports,”
  • “We hired Lenard Vare on a jail use of force case and he wrote a comprehensive report and proved to be an expert on jail management practices.”

about us

lenard vare - principal consultant

Lenard Vare has over 28 years of practical experience in inmate management in both jails and prisons. He was a senior warden in the state of Nevada for four years before serving as a jail administrator in the state of California for 10 years. After retiring from public service, he worked as the Chief Operations Officer over an international electronic monitoring company which provided treatment and day reporting centers to criminal justice partners.

Lenard’s expertise is in inmate classification, program design, high-risk inmate transportation, organizational development and training law enforcement and correctional personnel in topics related to inmate management. He has served as a criminal investigator and hostage/crisis negotiator, supervised fugitive recovery teams, conducted internal affairs investigations, and operated community-based correctional facilities.

Lenard has also served as criminal justice faculty teaching courses at the undergraduate level at local colleges. He is a certified jail manager (CJM) and a certified project management professional (PMP). He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration and a master’s degree in justice management.

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If you are an agency seeking training on preventing suicides in jails and prisons, please follow the link for information regarding the training program.
If you are an attorney seeking an expert / consultant for a jail or prison litigation case, please fill out the section below and we will contact you within 48 Hours.




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